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A Restudy of the Courier Routes and Administrative Divisions of Hexi as Seen in Han Dynasty Slips from Xuanquan

Huang Xuechao   

  1. Center for Historical Geographical Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China
  • Received:2022-02-09 Online:2022-07-20 Published:2022-11-14


It is possible to make a comparative calculation of the distances and routes recorded in ⅡT0214①∶130 and ⅤT1611③∶39, two Han dynasty slips from Xuanquan. The post at the easternmost point of Jiuquan Prefecture recorded in ⅡT0214①∶130 was not Biaoshi, but to the west of it; Biaoshi was a county belonged to Zhangye Prefecture at that time. The jurisdiction of Wuwei Prefecture recorded in ⅤT1611③∶39 was not in Guzang, but possibly in Fanhe. The main line of the “Southeast”courier route as seen in ⅤT1611③∶39 passed Tianshui and connected Anding, which was basically the conventionally acknowledged “North Route”from Chang’an to Hexi. This route also had a branch to Jincheng. Based on the above conclusions, the features of ⅡT0214①∶130 can be roughly reconstructed. The two slips of ⅡT0214①∶130 and ⅤT1611③∶39 commonly display a portion of the courier routes and administrative divisions of Hexi at a certain point in the Western Han dynasty.

Key words: Han Dynasty Slips from Xuanquan, slips on the distances, Hexi, courier routes, administrative divisions

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