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The Chinese Historical Geography (named after the English title of the bi-weekly Journal of the Yugong Society, 1934 - 1937) is co-sponsored by Fudan University and the Geographical Society of China (GSC) under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China. Its mission is to uphold the correct orientation of public opinion, to publish cutting-edge studies in the field of historical geography, to facilitate academic exchanges, and to promote research excellence and international recognition of Chinese researchers. The journal publishes academic papers and reviews in the field of historical geography studies and related theory, methodology, and practices, as well as correspondences and conference reports.

The scope of the journal covers a range including theories and methodologies of historical geography, historical physical geography, historical human geography, the history of geography, the history of cartography, the history of demography, China’s borderland history and geography, the history of environment and ecology, historical geographical information system(HGIS), toponymy studies as well as China local records. Publications in The Chinese Historical Geography are accepted in several categories such as articles, reviews, practices, trends, as well as correspondences and conference reports. The Chinese Historical Geography has been indexed in the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) as a source journal (2021-2022).

Founded in 1981 as Historical Geography (1981 - 2018) by the Research Committee of Historical Geography, the Geographical Society of China, it enjoys an international reputation as the leading journal of historical geography studies. Previous editors-in-chief include Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Prof. Tan Qixiang and Prof. Dr. Hou Renzhi. Its authors include renowned historical geographers from both China and abroad. It has received appreciations from, among other top scholars, Prof. Dr. Ho Ping-ti, former President of the Association for Asian Studies and Prof. Dr. William Skinner, who proclaimed it as a ‘first class journal’. Philip C. Huang, chief-editor of Modern China, praised it as a ‘world-class journal’ and ‘one of the best academic journals in mainland China’.

The Historical Geography has published in total more than 1,200 research papers, book reviews, etc., which amount to c. 1,5 million words. Since 2007, it (Historical Geography) has been indexed in the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) as a source journal, and its contents are now accessible through the database of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI).

Journal Information

Publisher: Fudan University Press Co. Ltd.

Chinese journal registration number: CN31-2157/K9

ISSN: 2096-6822

Founding year: 2018 (1981- 2018 as Historical Geography)

Issues per year: 4 (quarterly)

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