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The Change of Administrative Divisions in Wu Region and Huainan Region after the “Rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms”

Dan Changwu   

  1. College of History, Anhui University, Hefei 230601, China
  • Received:2021-09-14 Online:2022-05-20 Published:2022-08-31


Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty adjusted the administrative divisions in Huainan region and Wu region after the “Rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms”. The King of Runan was transfered to be the King of Jiangdu, governing Dongyang Prefecture and the northern counties in the old Zhang Prefecture. The rest of the old Zhang Prefecture was merged with the Kuaiji Prefecture to form the new Kuaiji Prefecture. Similarly, The King of Lujiang became King of Hengshan and the new prefecture of Lujiang was established in the southeast of the old Hengshan kingdom. The original Lujiang south to the Yangtze River was combined with Yuzhang to form the new Yuzhang Prefecture. This adjustment was not only a part of the centralization policy, but also a reconstruction of the political geography in the southeast region.

Key words: Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty, Rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms, administrative division, Wu region, Huainan region

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